Keep Track of Key Business Metrics with Real-Time Dashboards

BI Analytics for Maximum Transparency

Untap the potential of real-time business monitoring with Global BPO Services’ cutting-edge BI analytics and reporting platform.

Enjoy complete visibility and leverage swift insights to make real-time changes to your business strategies. And with top-tier data security managed and monitored by Global BPO Services, you can empower your organization with precise monitoring and management capabilities.

Allow us to be your go-to BPO company and enjoy a wide range of reports and real-time data — accessed via a user-friendly dashboard.

BI Analytics and Reporting

Utilize our cutting-edge BI (business intelligence) analytics and reporting software to monitor and manage performance results accurately and in real-time.

Maximum Transparency

Our intuitive platform offers line-of-sight visibility to all stakeholders, including business leaders, contact center partners, and various third parties.

Real-Time Monitoring

Utilize embedded dashboards for real-time monitoring and reporting of performance metrics — facilitating swift responses to changing circumstances.

Customized Reporting

Tailor our call center outsourcing platform to your needs by including your business KPIs, proprietary metrics, and operational efficiency indicators.

Data Analysis

Analyze your organization’s performance based on data from your outsourced partner. Access aggregated data with ease, thanks to customizable visualization tools.

AWS Architecture

Our platform adheres to the highest-level data security protocols as part of the AWS architecture — guaranteeing protection for your most valuable data.

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